Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When Trust Begins

She stopped looking today. Well, she took one last look, one last search to make her heart ache.

She saw listings on singles sites. Well, on the single site where they met. She found nothing she didn't know already.

She didn't log-in to the site to check up on him, because that would be too much. The answer she would expect to receive - the inexplicable answer that he's still active on the site - would probably break her heart into a thousand little pieces. So, she didn't ask the question. Didn't have to get the answer.

Instead, today, she did one last search, typed his name in one last time, saw that he exists in the world as a real human being with a real history, a real name, a real life. She spied on him one final time.

And decided to trust him.

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